Our Services

Our services help clients develop a clearer picture of their standing in the market, their potential for growth and the cost benefit of pursuing it.

Big Data

An empirical approach to market volumetrics, segmentation and targeting based on transactional behavior and advanced analytics.

Market Research

Culturally attuned research solutions uncovering polycultural beliefs and unique segment nuances driving choice.

Online Communities

Cost effective syndicated or customized engagement platforms exploring specific strategic issues and longitudinal cultural trends.

Big Data

Poly United developed a unique and secure data environment, which aggregates purchase and behavioral data across consumer segments from over 2,000 data sources.

This rich environment allows us to more accurately classify cross-cultural customers and households, based on actual behavioral patterns and to provide you with a richer foundation to develop customer segmentation and uncover true growth opportunities.

Our big data environment enriches and broadens your CRM data, allowing us to:

  • Isolate your true Hispanic, African American, Asian American and non multicultural customers
  • Size their current revenue and volume contribution to your business
  • Build analytics models to identify and size marketplace growth opportunities
  • Run unique ROI scenarios designed to capture different shares of the growth opportunity and estimate the long-term value of these new customers

Market Research

Our team of strategists uncovers universal beliefs, cultural context, and opportunity gaps related to your strategic issue, exploring primary and secondary data and an internal audit through stakeholder’s interviews.

We offer sophisticated research solution across the entire planning cycle. We design solutions from an agnostic perspective, blending the right methodologies to best address your key strategic needs.

Through our proprietary ‘Growth Framework’, Poly helps clients shape Total Market and culturally attuned strategies by exploring the relationship between rational and emotional drivers of category behavior.

Online Communities

Our communities are designed to create a unique environment to help you better connect with your key multicultural customers, accelerate innovation and ensure you develop more culturally engaging strategies.

Our platforms help you keep a finger on the pulse and explore longitudinal trends on customer journeys, changes in attitudes and behavior in your category, as well as gain instant feedback at every step of your strategy development, from new product and brand concepts to brand experiences and creative development.

We offer two online community services:

Poly Community

A 3-level syndicated service where you can instantly tap into our existing Poly community of over 2,000 representative Hispanic members (broadening to include African American and Asian American members, later this year).

Our team works with you to recruit the most relevant members in our community and to design the most appropriate studies to address your pressing questions, using our diverse modular toolkit.

Branded Communities

Poly designs set up and manage your own online branded community of up to 5,000 members recruited from your CRM and social media platforms.

Our team of specialists will work with you to customize the most appropriate annual insights program, ensuring your broad and specific strategic issues are fully addressed and implemented within your planning cycle timeline.

Whether through our Poly community or your own, our team will take charge from gathering your strategic questions, devising the most engaging solutions using our modular toolkit, and delivering insights through crafted and inspiring outputs designed with your stakeholders in mind.

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