About Us

Poly is a business-planning consultancy designed to help clients develop growth strategies for the rapidly changing U.S. population.

The U.S. is the only developed nation in the world with positive population growth. We are in the midst of a cultural transformation that holds the key to unprecedented growth for those companies equipped to embrace it.

However, companies face major data challenges, when it comes to multicultural audiences, hindering their ability to develop informed growth strategies: inaccurate customer cultural identification, disparate acculturation definitions, shallow information limited to surnames and language and unrepresentative DMA data.

We are a marketplace-planning consultancy designed to bridge the gap, between management consultants and research agencies, and to provide a more accurate understanding of this new consumer marketplace to help companies develop more effective growth strategies.

Poly comes from the term ‘POLYCULTURALISM’, in which all cultures are inter-related and assimilated to such a degree where they can no longer be easily distinguishable, regardless of an individual’s ethnicity. Our unique approach to uncover growth goes beyond ethnic and linear acculturation models, towards a clearer understanding of customers’ unique behavior in the marketplace and how these cultural blends are influencing their decisions.

Our Team

Our senior team of experts has extensive experience
in strategic ideation and a solid background in business
planning, analytics and market research.


Andrew Delbridge


A 20+ year-veteran of the marketing industry, Andrew guides his team with the mantra: “Strategy begins with how a client makes money and ends with clarity on whether our work helped them make more.” Andrew served as McKinney’s Chief Strategy Officer, where he built a strategy group that won over 30 Effie’s in 12 years. He has held CSO and CEO roles at two of Australia / New Zealand’s leading agencies. Seeing the potential and importance of the Hispanic marketplace for the U.S, he established Poly as a successful independent consultancy.

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